Say  GOODBYE to your old friend, Herpes!



Dear HERPES Sufferer,

If you want to finally MANAGE your painful, embarrassing and contagious herpes, without spending a fortune on useless over-the-counter products and disappointing medications that don't work, then this is by far the most important story you'll ever read.

Here's how:

But, first, let me ask you this…

Have you ever experienced these symptoms?

  • You're so embarrassed by your herpes that you wish they were somewhere else other than the most visible part of your body?
  • You're scared to look at your reflection in the mirror after you feel a burning sensation when opening your eyes in the morning?
  • You're embarrassed when talking to others because you know everyone's staring at the crusty, red spot as if you had the plague?
  • You're having increased anxiety because you know your outbreak is coming any day now?
  • The pain is so bad you can barely move, and none of the medication the doctor prescribed seems to help?
  • You're scared that the unknown chemicals you've been putting in your mouth may have done more harm than good?
  • You feel the peeling, dryness and itchiness caused by your herpes creams, lotions or potions are making you look even uglier?
  • You notice people are afraid to get close to you and will never think about kissing you knowing you're contagious?

And, if that's not enough. You've looked everywhere to find a solution.

You've tried every over-the-counter product available. You discovered that these products did nothing except to “mask” the problem instead of “fix” the problem.

And, if some products only help deaden the area – reducing the pain, they've left out the most important part!

“How to Help You Stop Looking Like You've Got the “VIRUS?”

You've tried prescription medications provided by doctors and dermatologists. The bad thing about prescription creams and pills is they work fine…for a short while. Then, your HERPES come back!

You've tried a lot of other treatments and also alternative medicine. And, if I'm right, those didn't work either.

How do I know?

Because I've been diagnosed with HERPES for over 7 years.

I will share with you, my amazing story

(And how you can have one too)

My name is Roger Hooter*, and I am from Oakland CA. I am 38 years old, and my life sentence will sound like this: “ Life is excellent, and you need to enjoy it maximum.“

My story began about 7 years ago, it was nearly 2 months after starting a new relationship with a beautiful, kind woman named Mabel. We had fallen in love and were taking things slowly. We both had lived our entire lives up to this point without any health issues. I was 31; she was 29.

Everything worked perfect between us. We started to make plans together, to be intimated. In short words: it was perfect. She was all I always wanted.

Actually, let me tell you something: I felt as she was the love of my life.

Until one day …

My health suddenly changed for the worse; I woke up one morning with a painful lump and sweat, and I immediately went to the doctor for an exam and test.

The doctor confidently, upon visual inspection, informed me that I had contracted herpes.

“What? This is not possible“. This was my unaggressive reaction.

Actually, I wanted to ask him if he is crazy or if he is kidding.

This cannot be possible in any way.

I was using condoms since Mabel appear in my life, we both were really protective on that kind of stuff, and we made this especially to avoid that kind of things.

Then the doctor told me that my life partner should also come to make some tests, so in this way to find out the root cause of my disease.

I was speechless.

How in the world, should I say to someone that I am dating, AFTER 2 MONTHS, MEN, 2 MONTHS, that she will need to do some herpes tests because MY DOCTOR, listen to that, somehow accuse her of being the one that started this.


Well, after all, the discussions and everything …

I convince her to do those tests and actually, right now, I need to recognize, I am sorry that I put her in this situation …

It is an awful situation you know …

After the tests results had come it was worst: the doctor said, "the test was merely a formality to confirm her initial diagnosis."

I was devastated! I was angry!

I had been betrayed by the person I had fallen in love with!

And now I had to confront Mabel with the bad news, not only had I contracted herpes, but she is the person who gave it to me(I was only sexually active with her)!

My first response was a furious telephone call to Mabel, trailed by me venting my fierceness on her phone message.

I had chosen that this sort of selling out was the reason for completion our relationship, so later when we talked face to face, I was unfriendly, and not exceptionally kind.

What made the situation even more volatile and fired up my angry response even further was that she had denied ever having herpes or ever having any symptoms (I thought this was impossible, not knowing much about the virus at that time).

Mabel tried to suggest that I had had it all along. But I didn't want to listen …

I only felt she was lying to me since I was the one who suddenly developed the health problem!

I wondered why Mabel had lied to me about her health exam results and thought to myself "What kind of person would knowingly expose me to this disease?"

This person was supposed to be my partner…we were in love…yet she had just given me a "life sentence" of pain, suffering, and humiliation(or so I thought).

The next day, after my temper cooled down and we could discuss what had happened more rationally, we decided that she would go and get a blood test.

A blood test would confirm if she had any antibodies to the virus and determined if she actually had herpes as well.

While we waited for Mabel's results, my focus shifted to solutions. My first response was to follow the doctor's orders. I went to the drugstore and picked up the prescription for acyclovir and begin taking it immediately.

Well bad news boy, Acyclovir it doesn't work

What is acyclovir? According to Wikipedia: "Acyclovir (Zovirax) is an antiviral drug. It slows the growth and spread of the herpes virus so that the body can fight off the infection. Acyclovir will not get out herpes, but it can lessen the symptoms of the disease. Acyclovir is used to manage infections caused by herpes viruses. Illnesses caused by herpes viruses include genital herpes, cold sores, shingles, and chicken pox."

I began to use of Acyclovir, taking it exactly as scheduled, but it did not seem to be working.

Over time, I discovered that it did absolutely nothing to mitigate my symptoms…yet I continued to take it with each recurrence…hopeful it "may build up in my system" and finally begin working…yet each time it failed to even reduce my symptoms!

"This was the best that modern world had to offer?" I thought to myself.

An expensive, toxic medication, that in my case did absolutely nothing! I felt as though my situation was hopeless…so I went back to the doctor to see if another option was available. I proceeded to try every other known antiviral drug available, and the bad news was that none of them worked for me…not even a little bit.

Does this sound familiar to you also?

Seeing that none of the “solutions” that I tried didn't work for me, I started to lose patience, I was turning again against Mabel and hit her with words…

Well bad for me …

Her blood tests came after all, and the results it really shocked me and made me feel sorry for everything that I told her, feeling disgusted by myself …what to say? I am the worst person ever.

The real root cause, actually, was ME! I had this virus since a child but starting my sexual life later; it was activated only then. (Yeah I know, you will say: it was kinda late to start it, but I need to tell you, I am a really shy person and all I wanted was a women to start a family with and until Mabel, all my relationship were just …adventures …)

For a LONG month, I was miserable. I was in shock, humiliated, and pissed off. Not to mention the pains that I had were uncomfortable.

After all, it was MY FAULT…

So like a kid that made something wrong, I meet with Mabel and apologize her for all the things I said and did.

I believed I lost her …

But to my surprise, she didn't give up on me …

Her understanding, her warm look, her face …made me regret even more the way I acted with her …

I do believe, even now, that she is the kind and the most loving person I ever meet …like an angel …

So Mabel actually proved me that she is an exceptional woman, so she remains near me. She never questioned me, and she took care of me.

I knew then that I choose the right one.

So with Mabel's help, we started to look for a solution, if not to take off for good at least to make me feel better . All the pains, to reduce the frequency of outbreaks, lower the amount of virus in my system, and make it less likely that I will transmit the virus to someone else.

I signed up to 2 or 3 herpes websites. I started talking to a few people, and although this did make me feel better, it also made me realize that it was already hard enough to find that one fantastic solution and now it was going to be a lot, a lot harder!

forum testimonial about herpes

Since my treatment using drugs was a total failure…

I began to research on the internet; I was delving into the world of "alternative ways" an area that many consider "quackery."

So, for the next year, I became obsessed with learning what natural substances I could use that would purportedly boost immune response.

I looked into all of the same things you probably did: Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), Ayurveda, and tried a litany of purportedly immune boosting herbs like Olive Leaf Extract, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Garlic, Colloidal Silver, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Astragalus, Ginseng, Elderberry, Ginger, Onion, Tea Tree Oil, and Oregano. I also tried all of the popular alternative topical (DMSO)and private (MMS, and Hydrogen Peroxide) options for herpes; each gave me hope for an answer.

What I found was that some of these alternative solutions did provide me with some relief about herpes.

I was pleased that some of them seemed to shorten the duration and severity of my outbreaks, yet the herpes outbreaks persisted at a rate of one every two weeks.

I wanted a real answer, something that would stomp out the symptoms of this painful menace!

I went on to add immune supportive vitamins and minerals to my routine, vitamin A, C, D, B complex, a mineral supplement, a multivitamin, zinc, selenium, chromium, and then I added the amino acid l-lysine, the severity and duration of my outbreaks improved a little, certainly much better than with the drugs I tried.

Yet, I still found no solution, none of these approaches stopped my outbreaks or prevented them from coming back.

I was not about to quit this journey of discovery, but I need to tell you, that I was getting sick of no finding anything helpful.

Indeed, here again, a lot of thanks to Mabel, because she supported me and worked near me to increase my confidence that one day everything will be good.

I am still thanking God that I found her!

Especially since I had experienced some success with these "alternative WAYS."

I decided to look even further into so-called "alternative ways," while maintaining a good bit of healthy skepticism, judging the treatment only by its effectiveness in my own body.

So I kept searching until one day, when:

EVRIKAA! I Found an Effective Herpes ride that is Natural, Inexpensive, and Easy.

In my journey for herpes, I discovered the theory of alkalizing and tried sodium chlorite drops to alkalize my water. Also, I added some specifical groups of alkalizing foods in my routine, and these both actually worked well to control my symptoms, and I was getting closer to the "Holy Grail."

Still not satisfied with just improving my symptoms, and firmly believing a natural answer to my problem was right around the corner.

I went on to read more about this theory of pH and alkalizing the body.

I think I bought every book that had on the topic and devoured them looking for answers.

After all of this reading, I was eventually convinced that if I could create an alkaline environment in my body, then no virus, bacteria, mold, or fungus, could survive. I wanted to test the theory out for myself, in my own body.

I was emboldened by my earlier progress with other alternative treatments.

The next step for me was to commit to change my eating habits and adopt an alkaline diet.

Ultimately, I did eliminate a significant number of acidic foods and drinks, and I added some alkaline foods to my daily routine.

To my surprise, I found an effective solution. But, best of all, it's all-natural, inexpensive and easy to get started.

Most importantly, after only a few days, I woke up, walked to the bathroom mirror and almost fell over with excitement.

So coming back to my amazing story …My symptoms did continue to improve; outbreaks were less and less severe! "This PH alkaline diet and foods must be right.", I thought to myself.

So after a period:

All signs of my Herpes were gone

I couldn't believe it!

With this same treatment, it's now 3 years later, and my outbreaks still haven't come back.

The herpes virus was no longer ruling(or ruining) my life and things were getting back to normal. I felt that I could control the outbreaks anytime I wanted…with a standard kitchen pantry item of all things! This was a highly enjoyable, inexpensive, safe and efficient way that I had in my refrigerator!

I'm happy to report that my confidence, self-esteem, and social life are better than it's ever been. My relationship is better than ever; Each week I meet my friends for drinks and dinner, chatting and laughing for hours at a time.

I felt I had taken control of my health destiny

So actually I Accidentally Found

something new

But , what made me searching more, was the fact that this alkalizing protocol did not completely eliminate the virus from my system, I knew it was still there…lingering…just waiting to erupt with painful symptoms, the threat of a future herpes outbreak kept me ever vigilant and wary of another episode that needed to be extinguished.

So together with Mabel, we decided to put all the info all in one and to create an excellent guide to help other suffers like me to get back their healthy lives.

So for the next two months, Mabel and I worked around the clock to take our natural program…and break it down into a simple, easy to follow guide.

We've called it The 21 Days Herpes Challenge

The 21 Days Herpes Challenge guide

Since then, this guide has helped many people across the world to destroy the herpes virus from their body.

testimonial 1 testimonial 2

This guide is available via this website that you're on the right now, and here's exactly what's included…

The 21 Days Herpes Challenge is the result of years of own research, testing, and analysis…

The program is broken up into two parts…

In Part I – you're given a list of the vitamins, supplements and organic compounds required to “uncloak” the herpes virus…

You probably won't have heard of a lot of these compounds and vitamins before…but they can all be found at your local grocery store or health food store…and cost about $50 total.

You're also given the specific quantities, times and durations for taking each of the items listed…

Some of them you take for all three weeks, some of them you only take for the first week…so it's important that you do follow the schedule we've laid out.

Part I lasts for 10 days, and by the end of it…

You will have created the internal reaction needed to unbind the herpes virus from your cells…thus allowing your immune system to begin its attack.

That brings us to Part II of the program.

In this second phase, you're given a second group of vitamins and supplements to work to SUPERCHARGE your immune system.

Again, all of these vitamins and supplements can be found at your local grocery store or health food store…and cost about $50 total…

And just like in Part I, you're giving a specific schedule to follow…

Where we tell you in easy-to-understand steps what/when/and how you need to be taking your natural protocol every day.

Part II lasts between 8 and 11 days…

And what's cool is that it's actually the easiest part…

Think about herpes like a rat in your house or apartment that you're trying to catch…

The hard part is getting it to come out from hiding…and to walk into your trap.

Once you do that though…disposing of the rat and getting it out of your house forever is incredibly easy…

In Part I, you get your herpes “out of hiding,”
and in
Part II you directly kill the virus and throw it out of your body.

So given what's inside The 21 Days Herpes Challenge, it should be pretty easy to see that there's nothing like this in the world.

That's why it is so important to me to share this program with as many people as possible…

This is your chance to manage the Herpes Simplex Virus from your body…

It's already worked for more than 24,000 people…

It's completely natural…completely side effect free…and will cost you a total of $100 max to use…

Even more crucially…it will get you your LIFE back…so that you never have to feel embarrassed, humiliated or ashamed again…

There are other medications out there of course…but none of them actually destroy herpes…they just suppress it…

Taking Valtrex or any similar drug is a lot like taking Aspirin for a fever…

In both cases, they may temporarily alleviate the symptoms, but they aren't actually what kills the virus…

Only your immune system can do that, which is why The 21 Days Herpes Challenge is so incredibly powerful.

The 21 Days Herpes ChallengeFree Yourself From Being A Victim of Herpes!

It's about escaping your “life sentence,” and being set free…

And it's something that you absolutely deserve

How to get it?

We're going to hand the program over to you…the full supplement and vitamins list…the daily schedule and quantity lists…everything…

To get it now, just click the “Add to Cart” button below.

The 21 Days Herpes Challenge guide

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From that site, you can view the program online…print it out…download it…or even see it on your smartphone or tablet…

Which means that in five minutes from now, you could be setting the timer on your herpes virus…

PLUS, your investment today will be covered by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee…

Here's how it works:

You only say “maybe” to The 21 Days Herpes Challenge today. Then, you have a full two months to try the program for yourself.

The 21 Days Herpes Challenge guide

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Take a trip to the grocery store and grab the different vitamins and supplements we tell you to. They cost less than $100 and buying them is a hell of a lot less embarrassing than picking up other alternatives.

Then, simply follow our detailed guide and the daily schedule over the next 21 days.

And if you're body is not completely ok by the time your third week is up…

Or if you're unsatisfied with your investment in the program for ANY other reason whatsoever…

Only send me an email using the address we'll give you, and we'll immediately refund your entire purchase with no questions asked.

In other words, you have absolutely ZERO risk with trying this today.

If you are going to make that decision, however, and you do want to destroy your herpes in the next 21 days…

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The 21 Days Herpes Challenge guide

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And I'll see you in the special member's area of our website in a few seconds from now.

I hope that the truth of my incredible healing journey is a story that resonates with you and my experience can help guide you to embark on your own quest for real health and ultimately to your own healing success story.

Thank you for staying with me until the end!

*This is a pen name because the author wanted to remain anonymous for the public